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What do we offer?


Who we are

We are a Hungary-based European independent media company with a rough decade routine and experiences of videographing. Our team shoots music videos, concerts and participates in many other productions ie. weddings, company parties etc.


Music video

We shall work for you from brainstorming through shooting till post production. The more flexible and prepared your project is, the best budget shall be available for you. You can take advantage of the lowest possible costs with us.


Concert movie

No matter if you're or your band is a new one or a legend already... your next concert movie will be an experience of a lifetime with us. Cetainly, all movies are finished to DVDs and even Blu-Ray on demand.


Our references

We are proud to be a partner of the following artists during their concert/clubbing and/or a full music video production: Voice and Guitar (Myrtill Micheller and Tibor Pinter), Haddaway, Boney M, Alcazar, Saragossa Band, Run By Love feat. Zed K, Mr President, Bad Boys Blue, Samantha Fox, Londonbeat, Andreas, Black Magic Band, The Weather Girls, Tokio Ukulele.

* videoclips.hu itself has been on the run since 2010 as an independent project of Soso Multimedia, however, a decade of experience stands behind us.

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Do you really want to keep the entire music royalty?

You want to work with the guys, who really feel your music?
You really want to be proud of your vids either on the net or on TV?
You don't want to share music royalty for a lifetime?

You definitely should "try us"!

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Additional information

Any price, information, offer published on videoclips.hu can be changed any time at discretion of the Management. Moreover, videoclips.hu cannot held liable for any loss or faded advantage due to the change in any criteria.


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